Medical Record Summaries

The answer to whether you should pursue a case or settle it most likely is contained within a patient's medical records. Thorough recall from the parties involved is important, of course, but independent fact-finding and objective interpretation of the medical records for care rendered is essential. Important questions can be answered from a thorough review of the medical records, such as:

  • Was the physician and the facility compliant with relevant Standards of Care?
  • Were standing protocols in place, and were they followed correctly?
  • Were the Policies and Procedures used appropriate for patient care?

Answers to these questions and more will help build your case by providing a foundation for future investigation, avoiding unnecessary research, and helping to develop deposition questions.

Detailed Medical Analysis

The information gleaned from the review will help you develop your theories of defense or help you define claims against the opposition. In addition, a good analysis of records can identify missing medical documents, incomplete medical records and potential document tampering. These are critical issues that should be identified and addressed as early as possible. The importance of having medical records thorougly analyzed by a professional team of Essential Edge experts cannot be stresed enough. Years of healthcare experience sharpen the ability to recognize deviations in care and significant gaps in documentation that non-medical professionals won't readily determine. Getting an early start with the significant facts of your case saves valuable time so you can keep the case moving forward to a more timely resolution.

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